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We had a great sell-side experience with Dan.

Given we were a relocation client, we had to get the house on the market ASAP. From day 1, Dan was extremely specific on things he wanted us to do to ensure the house showed to its potential and max out the bids. I have to say, not all realtors will push you in a certain direction. Instead they'll make it more of a polite suggestion. With Dan, it was 'you need to do this" and "you need to do that". Some were major fixes, some was pretty minor and what I thought to be pretty superficial (I'd be proven wrong later). And if we needed help with some repairs or touch-ups, Dan had his folks on standby to come in and help. He was insistent on bringing in a professional stager (Chris) who was fantastic. I was reluctant to pay a little extra money for this service but it was worth every single penny. The house showed so much better with Chris' repositioning some things in various rooms and with the addition of her meticulously placed props. Dan also brought in a top tier photographer. The pictures in the listing were incredible and far exceeded our expectations. Early on Dan told us 'trust me, I got you covered and you're going to be delighted by what you see with your listing and the responses you get'. He was right. Our house sold in just a couple days and we got what we wanted for it, and that was all we could ask for given our circumstances. We highly recommend Dan and his highly professional team at B&W.

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"Dan sold our seemingly unsellable house TWICE!

We lived in a very unique home and were eager to move. A previous realtor had the listing for months with no interest/movement. We met Dan through ... more "
by kpillizzi2
"Dan has helped my family in the sale of two homes. He is dedicated, caring, efficient, and thorough hence the reason we sought out Dan a second time to sell my brother's house. The sale was emotionally ... more "
by kara nawrocki
"Dan is the best from start to finish. His marketing is superb...his advice excellent and his supportive attitude invaluable. Dan provided us with a perspective on the market that was extremely helpful. ... more "
by mj seiler

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